Mindset Corporate

We are a family owned growth Service deliver group, with a nationally recognised and respected brand. We aim to deliver long term solutions by building relationships, bringing innovation, organizational change and assured service delivery,  to help our clients achieve their ambitions. 

The mission of Mindset is
dedication to delivering world class customer- centric services,
driven by Mindset personal development.

Our Divisions

Mindset’s principal goal is to transform the way people have traditionally paid for their care and also add value to the lives of its employees through coaching and mentoring and providing opportunities for growth.

We are more than just your normal professional commercial cleaners and Product distribution. Mindset Cleaning is an independent cleaning services company operating throughout the country.

Mindset IT is a quality assurance company with over 5 years of experience in providing all testing related services to ensure successful delivery of programmes. Our principal focus is to provide end-to-end quality assurance services around the world to Software Development firms and end clients.

Mindset Coaching is created with the relentless focus on enabling you to be a better individual and coach by using the power of quality education, a contributing community and a place you can call your school for professional growth.

The Mindset advantage




Bridging the Education Gap: A Beacon of Hope for Cameroon’s Youth

In the wake of the socio-political challenges gripping Cameroon, the educational landscape is experiencing a profound shift. The rise in school absenteeism and dropouts has given rise to alarming social issues such as juvenile delinquency, a surge in illiteracy rates, and a lack of career direction, ultimately leading to subpar standards of achievement. Addressing these issues head-on is imperative to reshape the future for Cameroon’s youth.

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